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Emergency Bail Out

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Okay, I know this is not the right forum, but I need for it too be seen, and quickly!

As you know, we have been transfered to Seattle like Alice and a few others. We have made several offers on homes and may have gotten the "right" one. The problem is, I cant coordinate getting the new tank set up and taking the 240 down and I dont want to risk losing any of my babies.

So, anyone within driving time, 1.5 hrs from Portland, interested in a reef?

240g acrylic. painted back on steel frame
135g glass tank for sump
4000gph pump
400w mh x 2
175w mh x 2
660w 6' VHO
5'' of sand
250lbs LR (appx)


Yellow Tang
Purple Sailfin Tang
Clowns 1ea. Perc, Clarki & Maroon
Diamond Goby
Potters Angel
Flame Angel
Pink Anthias 1m/1f
Green Chromis x3
Peppermint Shrimp x?
Blood Shrimp
Brittle Stars x 4-5
Serpents x 3-4
Cukes x 2
Sally Lightfoot
Cleaner Shrimp
Banggi Cardinal

50+ corals
several types of zoos
green star polyps and quite a few mushrooms.

As usually added to these adds. I need to sell as a group or in order of survival. Obviously, I cant sell the tank or lights before the live stuff.

Email me or better yet, call my cell phone. I am busy packing but am home today, Saturday. (541) 980-1976 cell, (541)296-0209 home.



If it wasnt for looking forward to my 350g and worrying about the little guys health, I would just keep all of it. The system is 2.5 years old. I got the tank last July, so this setup has been there a year!
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Ack! Chris, I sure wish I could help out but I'm in the process of tearing down my tank today. Good luck, and when you get a sec, let me know where you think you're going to end up living.

Hi Alice,

It looks like up in Bonney Lake.:D
you have PM.
you have PM and email
Okay, I may have doged a bullet. The house (owners) we were after were being difficult to put it mildly.

Tonight the agent called and said they took our offer after all and all is well with them. So, now i really only need to find or build a big tank. I can put it in the new house after the 15th of July and I dont have to be out of this house till Sept. 1.

So I think I can have the new one ready for the gang, but will have extra sand, the 240g and stand left over.

Whew! I feel better!

Anyone know of a bigger tank looking for a new home? :D

Thanks for the help guys! Fingers crossed !

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