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Email from Heather

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Well i got a email from Heather today ;

Well, I have spoken with everyone on this end and the consensus is that October 11th isn't doable for us. Saturday is typically not a good day for a speaker to come here. That is our busiest day attendance wise, and we are almost always booked for a special event Saturday night. That Saturday we already have a wedding scheduled. Furthermore, we have found that lectures are not well attended on Saturdays. Weekday evenings when we have nothing else going on in the museum really work out best. But we are certainly open to hosting another meeting or event here, especially once the tank is up and running, so let me know if anything else comes up!


Heather Heimmer
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So i think in the future we will be going back to Fernbank......
good news for the future

I really do like Fernbank as a meeting location for a slide show or lecture. Certainly not the best place to trade frags in bags of water. Thanks for keeping in contact with Heather.
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