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Elephant Ear ??

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Chopper here with another question. Been very busy repairing my tank, and am still recovering from an 'arrival home from vacation' nightmare, as in my post on Mon or Tues. Now I am questioning my elephant ear mushroom/polyp's (not sure exactly which it is, Im new to the game) health. When I purchased it was splitting into two, or so I was told, but it looked like it was. When fully opened up it was quite large, but now looks withered, however where it is splitting, the gap has lessened and it looks more like 2 than just one. Is it shriveled from the pre-split, or still recovering from my vacation nightmare (I left the a/c off because the weather was nice, and upon arrival home everything was baked, at least that is what myself and some other members have narrowed it down to). My other polyps and mushrooms are looking fine now, so that is why I am questioning the elephant ears. Please help.
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I've give it time and hope that it will wait it out. Shrooms are pretty tough - tough enough to hitchhike in on LR.

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