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Elections just around the corner !!!

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Wow what a year 2003 has been for the ARC. We as a club have made many improvements in general and have setup the frame work for continual improvements for the club and the members themselves.

The 2003 year is quickly winding down and elections for next years offical positions will be in November. All nominations for thoses positions must be in by October. If anybody would like to run for any of the listed positions or knows of somebody that would make a good canidate please do not hesitate to either post in this thread or PM/e-mail one of this years current elected officials.

In order to qualify for an elected offical position you must be a member in good standing at time of nominations and have attended 4 meetings during the 2003 year. The positions and duties are as follows:

President : Generally resides over the basic operation of the club. Also main coordinator for special events. Hopefully presides at all meetings and a member of all committees. (sounds worse than it is) BOD member.

Vice President: Fills in for the President when he/she is absent. Tackles all the little projects nobody else wants. Have a watchfull eye and keep everyone in line when needed. (you'll be filling my shoes so you'll need to have big feet --- LOL) BOD member.

Secretary: Inscribes the proceedings of all meetings (as in takes down the mins of meetings). Submits the mins to the website and posts a general recap of the meeting in the main ARC forum. Will be the keeper of all club records. BOD member.

Treasurer: Shall keep in order all financial records and/or books ect..... Will need to be able to take on the project of automating all the club financial records next year. Present a monthly financial report and any audit reports if needed. Collect expense reports and write checks for said expense reports as needed. Preform all banking duties as needed. BOD member.

There are also a few other appointed positions that need to be reappointed every year. These positions and duties are as follows:

Meeting Coordinator: Coordinates all the functions of our general meetings. This is to include but not be limited to, coordinating the location of each general meeting and to coordinate the activity/presentation for all general meetings. You will not be expect to come up with the ideas or even the locations but you will have to coordinate everything once the locations and activities are decided upon. This might envolve solicitating places for meetings or people for presentations. (Really not a hard one --- everybody on the Board of Directors helps out)

Membership Coordinator: Facilitate the signing up of exsisting memebrs as well as new members. Collect dues and make timely deposits into the bank of those dues. Report all dues collected and depositied to the treasurer. Help with any and all membership functions. Also needs to be a LFS sponsor/commercial member liason.

WebMaster2: Help with updating the current website on a monthly basis. Helpout the residing webmaster in any way needed with the current website.

All listed positions will also be privied to the super secret BOD forum :eek:

The elected positions will also be privied to the extra super secret BOD2 forum :eek: :eek: --- there are 4 official BOD meetings per year.

OOPS I guess they arn't super secret any more.

This is your chance to help mold the club into something special the way you see it. All you are really required to do is participate in the ARC forums and the club itself. It's alot fun --- come join in.

If you have read this far down you are definatly a good canidate for any one of the listed positions ---- please we need your help for 2004.
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Darn that was a long post
Charles, who is responsible for keeping the club's official records such as the Articles of Incorporation, Tax Exempt forms and other important permanent records?

I believe that it is the Secretary's responsibility. Don't you?

Maybe we file the originals in a Safe Deposit box and keep a copy with the Secretary.



I think if you are talking archives & deposit boxes, the Treasurer would be more appropriate for visiting the bank. I generate a lot of material but it is at best in a looseleaf binder. In fact I feel everything of importance I have generated is on the website for download. Next year's officers will perhaps have to carry on with even more formal arrangements than we have begun. Maybe we just hang on for two months and give the next BOD the shoebox.

Just from a personal lack of responsibility I would prefer not to own the originals. I would of course welcome copies.
I do think the secretary need to be the one to keep track of all the formal records.

That would include the Const/Bylaws and all changes made to those doc's throughout the year. I started off doing just that but have faltered a little recently. But I will be turning over all recods that I have to the new secretary ASAP. --- Can I turn them over now --- LOL --- thats right we need an election first.

Also a safety deposit box is a good idea but first we need to get the PO box worked out and have the safety deposit box near by --- hopefully centrally located in the middle of Atlanta somewhere. We definatly don't want to have to keep sending out change of Address cards to the IRS every year.
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