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Where might I find eggcrate to cover my 58 gallon top. (vs. glass) Has anyone else used eggcrate for that purpose? If so what were your results? :p
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you can get eggcrate from home depot. its in the flourescent lighting section with all of the other light diffusers. cost about $5 i think. no i havent used it on top of a tank before but i have seen many lfs' do it though.

Brandon & Kelly
I also like to use it on terrariums to provide extra ventalation. (I mount the eggcrate under the glass top.) I get mine at Lowes, and Home depot. IF you have a goby or jawfish, I recommend you use that needle craft plastic mesh ontop of it from walmart at about 25 cents a sheet.

It's about $10/sheet at Home Depot (9.96 I think..)

We've got all our FO tanks covered with it - no jumpers that way.

thanks for your help guys!!!
If you can't find it in the lighting section sometimes it is in the section with the 2X4 ceiling tiles
You can also get it at most lighting supply places.
Make sure that you do not get the shiny silver egg crate. I think that the silver will flake off. I use the white on mine instead of a glass top for extra ventilation.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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