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anyone used this product??????? if so results good???????
also now how do i determain the flow going to and from fuge, this is where reefing gets blurry to me. also do i want both pumps flowing at the same speed or in dirrerent speeds????

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i think it would be next to impossible to get two pumps to match each other well enough to avoid an overflow or a drain out.

which, i belive is why some people put a fuge above the tank, then pump water IN and have the water drain out, via gravity on its own, like with an overflow, then it maintains a constant water level.

or the othe hand, some put the fuge below the tank, and let the tank drain into the fuge, via gravity, then pump the water back into the tank, again, this maintains a constant water level.

i'm not using a pump at all. i'm draining via gravity into the fuge which is below the tank, but above the sump. then draining from the fuge into the sump, again via gravity. then back to the tank with a pump.

with any of theseoptions, rather than tryign to match up two pumps, you need only match a pump and a ball valve. and incorporate an overflow.

i;'ve never used the eco systems, but the name is big enough i would assume they have a built in overflow of some sort.
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