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I'm looking to get my father a gift for father's day that will make it easier for him to maintain his tank.

We currently have a 350 gallon LPS reef tank with too many fish too list so I've attached a picture.The tank is a joy to maintain and observe however we prefer the latter.

My dad has enough thing's to stress him out so I want to make the tank's levels (nitrates, phosphates, PH, alkalinity, etc...) easier to observe and maintain.

I've looked into dosing pumps, monitors and controllers however my knowledge on these products is almost non-existent. Ideally, I'm looking for something that can consolidate all these uses while still being cost effective.
This forum has helped me a lot throughout the past two years and I hope someone can point me in the right direction so I can get a great gift.


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I don't know what you should get, so this won't be of much help, but don't do the dosing. I have talked to people who have said that their dosers went bazerk and over dosed, killing everything. These were established system and people that have been in the hobby for a while, and then they have to start from scratch. So be warned, don't do the dosers.

Nice tank by the way. :)
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