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i'm considering a pygmy angelfish (dwarf) for a BC29 build* i'm working on... will it beat up on the CUC? (i don't have any CUC or any other fish yet, i'm just gathering info now for when the tank is mature enough. i'm also still considering which CUC members to house.) any feedback would be greatly appreciated. thanks everyone!

-stock lights
-approx 15 lbs of dry rock; 15 lbs of live sand
-media * fuge baskets for chaeto, purigen, chemi-pure elite
-upgraded pump to a MJ 1100
-2 koralia nanos (425 gph; 240 gph)


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many dwarf angels will nip at corals so be careful. In a 29g, one fish can decimate them. As for CUC, there is some debate on different ways to go so I would suggest planning what you want for other inhabitants, then go from there.
1. If a reef tank, I would stick to snails (variety) and shrimp, no hermits. Hermits, like most crabs, are predatory and will eat snails, corals, tube worms, walk all over things, etc. Shrimp will steal food and will limit the types of fish you want as many fish that you could have in a 29g also happen to have shrimp on their diet.
2. If a FOWLER, you can likely get away with some crabs so long as they aren't too aggressive. There won't be corals for them to damage. They will still eat tube worms, snails, and other beneficial organisms that make up your CUC and natural filtration. Just be careful as many crabs will catch and eat fish. They are very opportunistic. Therefore, I'd still make most of the clean up crew snails.

Regardless of the tank type, get a few different kinds of snails as they serve different purposes. Some eat meat, others algae. Some are designed for a reef (they can flip themselves over) while others prefer flat surfaces (turbos and astreas). Add them slowly so you don't add too many. I hate seeing people overload a tank with snails only to see them all starve to death. When they die, they add nitrates to the tank and that causes problems. Go slowly and be patient. You may have some extra algae for a while until equilibrium is reached.

As for the rest of the CUC there are pros and cons to different organisms and you'll want to determine what fish you want and choose your CUC accordingly.
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