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First I would like to start of by thanking for allowing our club some space on their site!

The Delaware Valley Reef Club, is a club that encompasses the southeastern portion of Pennsylvania, Northern DE and Southern NJ. Some highlights of the club include monthly meetings (usually at members homes), a coral donor program, sponsor discount and raffles at meetings, group buys, a new "Save the World's Reefs" program that is just getting underway and I'm sure a ton of things that I am forgetting right now.

Check out our club website at - everyone can sign up but there are special paid members only forums (buy/sell, group buys, etc.) that are only available to paid members of the club. Club dues are just $20 per year and are easily made back from sponsor discounts and raffles.

Again thanks for having us here, and if anyone is from the tri-state area, sign up and join us I'm sure you won't be disappointed!!!!!!!:)
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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