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Duration of my tanks lighting.

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I would like to get your opinions on my tanks light cycle.

I currently have two 175 watt Ushio 10k's run on Blueline ballasts that come on at 11 am and go off at 11 pm.

I also have two 400 watt Radium 20k's run off of PFO pulse start ballasts that come on at 2 pm and go off at 8 pm.

My corals are all colorfull and growing along with my clams and softies.

If it ain't broke don't fix it?

Or should I lengthen the cycle of lighting?

I know its some what of a fine line between causing algae and pleasing the animals.

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If it aint broke then dont try to fix it... :D

12 hours is a good amount of time for that much intensity. i am also assuming that this is the light cycle regardless of time of year. i would also go with the ain't broke don't mess group on this one.

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