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Drilling floor for basement sump.....question regarding sizes

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Well, this week I'm going to have the contractor drill the hole in the floor for the basement sump for the oceanic 120 RR tank. I just want to make sure I have this right....I have to do this before I have the tank and equip because of timing, so any advice would be much appreciated:

Am I right in thinking that the retun line will be 1.5 inches (thinking about an Ampmaster 3000) and then it can split under the stand and go to both returns?

And the drainage will be by 2 overflows, but they can join into 1 and thus have a second 1.5 inch tube going through the floor?

So 2 total?

Also, I see everyone seems to use PVC pipe.....what about using flexible tubing? It would be a bit easier.....


Pat :p
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1&1/2" returns to the base of the tank will work well, and cause the least flow and pressure drop from the ampmaster. Even if you decide to stay with the 3/4" returns through the base of the tank (overboring the holes is prolly impractical with the overflows supplied by the manufacturers), running 1&1/2" pipe to the base of the tank and using a reducer at the base will keep pressure/flow losses to a minimum. There is a flexible PVC available from Lowes that is used for spas and Hot tubs that will allow for sweeping turns and cause the least amount of pressure drop, and is MUCH easier to work with in closed spaces. If you are only making the holes in the floor for the return line and 1 hole for the drain, you might want to make the drain a 3" drain line with a muffled fitting at the top for the venting. If you go into the wall, it may be easier to run a vent stack to the attic.

In my new tank I ended up making a pair of additional returns up and over the sides into 2 manifolds for the lower levels of the tank in addition to the returns that enter the tank through the overflows. If you do this, make sure to add some cutoff valves for the flow and use true union connectors to install/remove these fittings. (I T'd them off the 1&1/2 inch manifold under the tank). With the Ampmaster 3000 I almost have too much flow into the tank to be covered by the factory drilled drains (180 Gal AGA) with durso's installed.

HTH, use the extra flow from the ampmaster to your advantage.
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Thats another question, could I just have 2 3/4 drains from the tank to the basement, and then split the return into 2 3/4 tubes?

Patman said:
Thats another question, could I just have 2 3/4 drains from the tank to the basement, and then split the return into 2 3/4 tubes?
what size are we talking about for your tank again? I would have thught you had someting with a 1" drain when using the ampmaster at the 3000 level...

regardless, run them into one large diameter pipe (at least 2", preferably 3 and run them to the basement.
It's a 120 gallon. I don't know what the standard connections are for the reef ready, and this part of the project has me a bit confused, so any and all help is appreciated.

I want the sump in the basement to make my life easier, but I don't want to go crazy and make this whole system too complicated. Just want to keep it simple....

so if I have 3 x 2 inch conduits in the floor I should be OK regardless, correct?

yeah, prolly only need 2 x 3" pipes, although I would just make the hole for the 1&`1/2 inch pipe just big enough for the 1&1/2 incher to go through and the same for the 2" drain line
Because then at worst I could have 2 drains at 1.5 inches and 1 return at 1.5 inches that splits to 2 x 3/4 under the stand...

now i'm confused
A single 3 inch diameter pipe for the drain wiol be sufficient. I'd not want to drill any more holes in the floor than absolutely necessary, and a 3" pipe will handle all the drain flow necessary from an ampmaster unless there are has many bends in the drain line. For ithe return to the tank, you'll just need one 1.5" line to the base of the tank.

My floor is tile....hence a square hole. Gives you lots of flexibility if you want to change your setup.
So here is the deal, and if anyone has any advice now is the time to give it. We are going to do 3 PVC conduits of 2 " each. These will not be in the floor, rather they will be drilled in the wall and then drywalled so that only the 3 openings are visible. This will act as a conduit for flexible tubing to snake down to the basement.

So at 2", with 3 holes, I could run the 2 1" drains into the basement through separate holes and then have the 1.5" return come back up through the other one. I could then split the 1.5" return under the tank into 2 3/4" returns and we're all set.

I know I could PROBABLY get by with 2 x 2" holes....but the thrid is not a big deal and it will be insurance if I ever need it (closed loop, etc).

Any last minute words of wisdom...

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