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drilled glass?

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anyone know a good place to get some glass drilled here in the PDX area?
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Waves over in Lake Oswego does it. Dont know if they are any good but I know they will do it for ya.
Check with a Glass shop, I think the last time I called they wanted something like $15 a hole. I'll call around tomorrow and see.
No problemo.... how's the tank doing? I see you are upgrading... very cool... can't wait to see what it'll turn out to be...
i can't wait to see either but this glass shop won't get their act together and drill the tank.
they were cheap, ten bucks a hole as to your quoted 15 but i can't get them to actually cut the dang thing.
wish i could push them along somehow but i would like them to take their time doing it (no oops :eek: ).

i have started on a custom stand.
i am thinking remote DSB in case these boys' speculation on sandbeds turns out to be fact.
what are you running now Jim, with or without DSB?
If you have a dremel and a tile cutting bit you can do it your self. I drilled for a 1" B/H on my 20L and it worked great! The glass is 1/8" so I was scared it would crack, but 6 months later not 1 problem.

I've also drilled my 55g sump(2 holes) and a 29g display.

Just make sure your tank isn't tempered and you'll be fine.

I have the bit If you want to do it. I just don't have a dremel anymore.
Hi Scott,

I'm running a DSB and has worked out so far. You do need to keep it stir either manually or a fish. I figure the ocean is DSB so this cann't go wrong. Just make sure the sand doesn't get hard at spots or the sand bed can become ineffective.

You're still welcome to come over. :D

yes, thanks for the re-invite! i will take you up on that soon, Jim. i will be in the market for some frags and your stuff is looking sweet, BTW :D

i got the tank back yesterday.
i think for everytime i told them to drill it they called to confirm it being drilled.:funny:

they did a good job with the holes, the glass is pretty thick on this 90g, i don't think i would tackle it with a dremel but a fine idea. thanks Chewie.

so i am building this stand and trying to lay out the mechanics of it but am really wishy washy on everything. i want to reuse my broken 46g as a sump any ideas.

trying to post a pic......


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note huge crack on the right...
Nice overflow, I really like the rock look. Good thinking.

Man, what happened to the right side?
Cant you just get a new square piece of glass for the side?
i believe it would need to be completely disassembled and re-siliconed in order to hold water.
this tank would never survive such a procedure, the top plastic frame is cracked throughout from UV exposure.
Most glass companies don't want to be held responsible for breaking a glass aquarium.
I have found it easier to find someone willing to drill glass by removing a glass side from the aquarium, have the glass drilled then reseal the tank.
Your LFS can order a new plastic frame for your tank., if necessary.
Here's some info on replacing aquarium glass.

I might add before siliconing glass together, cleaning the glass surfaces to be joined with a solution of vineager (1 Tblsp. vineager to a cup of water), thoroughly drying surfaces, will assure a permanent seal.
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