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don't know what this is either

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this started growing about threee weeks ago. it's about an inch tall and like an 1/8 inch round. any ideass of what it could be and should i get rid of it?
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I had some of those a long time ago, but my brain seems to have forgotten their name/purpose, sorry.

It is Neomeris sp.
(Hobbyists typically run into either N. annulata or N. vanbosseae)

A macroalga, it is sometimes referred to as Mermen's fingers.
The whitish material about the base is calcareous, and the alga collects this from the water. Individuals can grow up to 2" or more in length.

If you see it multiplying too rapidly, let us know.
Usually it doesn't misbehave, and can be quite attractive in small clumps.

Doh! thanks Horge, dark.

1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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