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Just made a water change of 35 gal. in my 75 gal reef ready tank.

been running for 2 years no fish and only water added cause of evaporation.

slow after moving in but i cought the bug again.


75 oceanic reef ready

trickle filter 75 plus

plus protien skimmer

3 48" lights atinic ,50/50, 10,000k

crushed coral

2 big rocks

what can i say not much as most but like i said i'm getting there

prob fish only maybe some live rock

any ideas?

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Lots more lr for sure. For a 75 gallon you want 75 to 100 lbs for good biological filtration. I would recommend getting cured and rinsing very well in saltwater to minimize cycle. Are you leaning toward predator fish or community? If you go fowler there are some cool predator fish. I love the porcupine puffer and maybe a lion fish. Community options are endless. Watchman gobies, lawn mower blenny, clowns(I like maroons personality but are bullies to other clowns) royal gramma, flame angel or coral beauty(not both). Just suggestions and Welcome back to TRT!
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