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I bit the bullet and set up a tank again. A few years ago when I tore down my big tank I gave a lot of live stock away. I do not remember who . . . .which is really no big deal as it was for the sake of the animals.

Anyhow, I am looking for some coral donations to the tank.

I am going mostly LPS and softies.
Things I would like if you can spare a frag:

Green tentacle with purple tip frog spawn
Red sea Xenia.
Brilliant neon green star polyps.(Agu variety if available, but I am not that picky!)
Orange monti digitata
Green monti digitata
true purple monti digitata.
Colored Candy canes
Yellow fiji leather E. Elegans( wishful thinking I know!)
Colored zoos
Colored leathers.
Yellow Torch coral
Colored hammer coral.
A frag of Otolith's red lobo (yeah I know, pipe dream)
Anything else you may have to spare that is not brown.

Please nothing brown.

Anyhow, If you have it to donate, I would be much appreciative.

Tank Specs.

58 gallon oceanic RR
15H sump with IWAKI 20rlt return
4-3ft VHO on an Ice Cap 660 ballast.
Maintained totally by weekly 10% water changes with Marine Environment salt. Thus, I am running this tank Skimmerless.

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I got some pink tip frogspawn and some of that orange turbinaria.

Land Shark
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I have some GSP, some zoas, and THE Agu thingy....but it'll cost you a "donation" to my kids' college fund. :)

<----- see, look at 'em. How can you not want to donate to their future. :D

Whuch' you need?
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Scope? HA, I brought some Blue 100 to the boundry waters per reccommendation of my brother. So yes, say ni to scope!
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