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This is timely for me cause I nearly had a disaster yesterday due to red grape caulerpa. I'd been given one single sprig of the stuff about two months ago (I asked for it!) and it just sat there for a month and didn't grow. After hearing some negative things about caulerpa and having a rock with the green almost take over, I threw it out. Well, yesterday I was plumbing up my new 20g refugium. Trying to get it to drain into the main tank was a challenge and then the main tank kept wanting to overflow?!? though the flow into the fuge was slow. Didn't get it. Then when I rerouted the fuge to the sump, the main tank still wanted to overflow! What's up???? Well, I looked down into the overflow and there was mass of red bubble caulerpa clogging the siphon. Reached in and it was a double hand full! Ho Boy, was I lucky! Another couple of days and I'd have had a waterfall out the back of my tank. Weird thing was I just cleaned the overflow box 20 days ago and there was nothing in it. Where did the stuff come from. I guess I could have thrown it in the new fuge, but it freaked me so bad I threw it down the garbage disposal.
1 - 1 of 13 Posts
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