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I need some help with my diy skimmer.
A little background first.

I bought this skimmer used. It's a 6"x20" body.
It had a becket on it that fed through a bulkhead in the bottom and a drain pipe with ball valve on it.

Well now after a little work it looks like this:

I've got a little 1/4" ball valve on the air line to tune it, but I can't seem to get it right.

I made it to fit in my sump and a small footprint(11-1/4" square).
Here is a picture of the uniseals:

I need to put an elbow(45*??) on the OR outlet to reduce turbulence.
I also have a 90* for the drain outlet to put on yet.

Here are my questions:
I need some help figuring out to tune this to get the smallest bubbles.
I've filled it with tank water and ran it for a few hours but didn't get much foam(probablly to much turbulence without an elbow???)

Can I tune it before hooking it up to the sump by just filling it with tank water(no inlet/outlet for water)?
How do I determine where the water level should be(using 1.5" gate valve)?

Thanks in advance,

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Remember the OR27000 works well on the turboflotor because the turboflotor body isn't very big.

I tried to use a OR2700 on a similiar sized body and just doesn't produce enough bubbles even wide open and very slow input ( about 90gph ). I ended up swaping it out with the Sedra 5000 needle wheel and worked way better.

The level in the skimmer I would try to get it at 1/2 - 3/4 way up the tube of the collection cup.
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