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Here is a link to my album with info and pictures on the skimmer:

And here is a link to the siphon album:

Please let me know if these links work.

I will add more pictures to the siphon if there is interest. I took it of a DIY youtube post years ago. I am doing bare bottom in my temp take so finally got to try it. Works like magic, I will not stick with a bare bottom though as it looks too yucky. I WILL be putting the metal piece back in the end to stir up sand in the big tank once I get the silicone done.

Speaking of silicone, has anyone on here used GE silicone, it is cheapest and says aquarium safe. I got the marineland stuff at twice the cost just to B safe but would like to know if other use it.

I plan on cutting the bottom off the preskim box and the top and just using it to hide the bottle. Plan on going with the cylinder bottle in the big tank. Anybody agree or disagree?

And again with the scrolling 3 feet to post on here, must me something not compatible with firefox or mac.
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