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I Looked everywhere for a Media Rack that would fit my JBJ 6 gallon Nano Cube but It does not exist. There are a wide variety of Media racks for bigger Nano Cubes but not the tiny little 6 gallon. after looking at a few DIY deigns I came up with my own that I think will work well. Since there arent many out there for this little tank here it is!

I got everything from Home depot and used tools in my workshop. I dont know the preferred method to cut acrylic but i have used my table saw with success. For this project I used a retractable razor to score and snap the acrylic. It work since its thin and simple cuts.

Supplies I used:
(prices are rough guess I lost the reciept:rolleyes:)
Acrylic sheet .093 thick......5$ @HD
eggcrate...........................? @HD
GE silicone I.....................3$ @HD
7/8" zipties......................3$ @HD

Tools uncluded:
Drill with appropriate bit
assorted squares
measuring tape
painters tape(any will do)
Cutting dykes or pliers
Dremel(not necessary but nice to have)


Measure your compartment since some of the Nanocubes filtration compartments varied from year to year. I could have gone a bit wider But it still works well. leave the protective film on the acrylic and mark your lines using a sharpie. I used a framing square as a straight edge to keep the cuts nice and straight.

Watch your fingers! keep pressure on the straight edge to keep it from sliding and lightly score the acrylic repeatedly until its cut through deep enough to snap.(about halfway)

Using the straight edge to apply even pressure along the edge of a counter or bench. use both hands and apply pressure along the scored mark....Scored side up!

I used two pieces 2-1/4"
one piece 2-5/8"

this part is going to vary based on what you want to put in your rack....Im running Chemipure/Purigen with a filter pad on top so i put the top rack just under overfloe and spaced the othe two 3" apart. using a piece of eggcrate mark holes on either side and drill away.

Remove the protective film and use tape to square it all up. The silicone everything in place. Make sure it is silicone I or 100% silicone...any of the stuff with additives to resist mold/mildew is no good for aquariums.

Then cut the eggcrate out for the shelving. I used pliers but my dykes seemed to work better.

I used a dremel to trim off what the cutting dykes couldnt get close enough to nip off. This isnt necessary but it makes assembly easier without the uneven left overs sticking out.

Then Ziptie it all together. I used a total of 12 zipties. 2 on each side fore each shelf(front and back)

Depending on where you put the media and in what tank it goes in you may or may not need to vent it. I cut a section out of the bottom to allow free flow of the water into the next compartment since the baffle is open on the bottom.

Thats it! I will add to be careful to let it cure according to the manufacturer specs of the silicone type you use. Also when ziptieing its pretty tight in there and since its not meant to hold under pressure it will come apart if you apply to much pressure against the walls.

I hope this helps!
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