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Just wanted to share with you all how I made my in-line probe holder. It took about 3 minutes and 7 dollars at Home Depot.


Two "Watts" quick connects #PL-3007 (next to the sprinkler fittings)

One half inch nipple (in the sprinkler fittings section)

One CPVC Adapter #4703 comes with rubber gasket (in the plumbing isle)

And one PVC 1/2 "T" threaded all sides

Use teflon tape for all connections and asemble as shown in the pics.


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I might mention that using a marine grade cable seal instead of the rubber washer and insert seal is MUCH more effective at preventing leaking and salt creep at the point the probe is inserted.

Tony (Fat Tony) has a post somewhere for the part number for the equivalent that you should be able to buy at any electric wholesaler/Greybar/Grainer-type place, I bought mine through a marine boating dealer, usually around $5 each there, Ancor Marine wire seal part number 765002:

I would also recommend that you put valves on both sides of the probe holder close to the holder as in the above photo so you can shut off the flow without turning off the pumps for the reactor (and having to repressurize the unit and potentially wait a day before it will come back to normal ops). This will allow you to clean the probe and check its calibration via the borax test, and to recalibrate without spill or issue.

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