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30 Gal Hex
250w MH (iwasaki-6500k)
45# Live Rock
4-4.5" DSB
Mini jet 140
Aqua-C Remora Skimmer (maxijet 1200)
Blue Damsel
Yellow Tail Damsel
peppermint shrimp (2)
one red crab (hitchhiker)'bout 1.5" across
brittle star
trochus snails
baha snails
nerite snails
Toadstool Leather
Cabbage Leather
Purple Gorgonian (sea rod)(Pseudoplexaura)
Green Star Polyp
Brown zoo
Green w/blue center Zoo
Brownish-purple zoo
Orange?yellow zoo
red sea xenia
candy cane
frogspawn (incredibly small)
branching hammer
mushroooms (red, blue, green stripe, hairy)
favia moon rock
green open brain
kenya tree (added 6*22*03)
sinularia (added 6*23*03)
grape calurpa
razor calurpa
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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