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So i have this digitata coral, and the last two nights i have nocked it accidentally against the glass and every time i do one of the tips breaks off. I'm not really too concerned, it just seemed to break abnormally easy...
Normal for this coral in conditions for closed systems. low to moderate (i.e., non-wave action) makes this a fragile coral in captivity. This will have no long-term effect on healthy specimens. This is normal.

My calcium did accidently get a little low, but i am slowely raising it back up. So what are your guys's opinions? should i be concerned? will it just grow back natually?
low Ca (within minimal range of 300-to 350 PPm Ca++ and alk no less than 5-7 dKH) will not affect the strength of the skeleton, more likely it affects the rate of clcification and skeletalization if it get too low. C & S deposition is rate-limited rather than a qualitative issue within these (low to normal) ranges.

and if i keep the broken tips will they grow into new corals? because that would cool. I have never fragged so i don't know if these would live or not.
This is how fragmentation occurs in the wild, and many aquarists get their first frag via this route. Glue them down to a calcium-based substrate, and consider gluing the length if the frag horizontally to encourage branching of the growing specimen.

All this is very normal with stony corals in general, and M. digitata in particular.

Congratulations, you're a new parent!
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