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This is the general posting I created. I can gather more information for you if you wish. My family and I are moving and the marine system can't go with us. :bawling: I'll take reasonable offers for the entire setup. I would prefer not to part it out, but can if there are no other options.

Entire system included: 72-gallon bow front display aquarium and a 55-gallon display aquarium, Stands and one over tank cabinet. 10-gallon live rock tank with overflow, 10-gallon gravity sump with Protein skimmer, UV filter, Nitrate reducer, two media filters. 4100/2400 gph pump runs the whole system. Custom pipe tree and chiller. All existing chemicals and mineral treatments included with coral fragging kit and refractometer. All existing animals (6 fish, many snails and crabs, shrimp and all corals) and live rock. R/O water maker included for making your own saltwater for water changes.

I'll help you take the system down and prep for moving, you haul away and set up on your own.

The 72 and the rock tank are still up and running, the 55 is currently down for cleaning. It is currently a bare bottom system.

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