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I have a sixty gallon long reef tank (48") I have about 120 lbs of live rock. Several fish and corals two strong power heads and a whispher filter. (yellow tank, 3 domino dmsels, two angel damsels, bubble anenome, maroon clown, and sargent, shrimp, and six species of snails oh and a choclate star and sifter star)

A few purple threads started appearing in random places they appear to like the strong current. Some threads are up to three inches long. They are very easy to vaccum off the live rock they seem to have a purple base film. They have taken over but again are not brown green or red very deep purple, live rock is very healthy.

Are they harmful?

One last question I have a finger leather coral and another soft coral. recently they appear wilted the one coral has slumped over. The weather in Ohio went from 40 outside to 85F and my house temp has shot up, the water temp was 84F, Is this the problem?

thanks for your help
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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