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Decorated Rabbitfish

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Hello all,

I am a new member to The Reef Tank. I have enjoyed and learned so much from the forums. I have just purchased a Decorated Rabbitfish (Siganus puellus) to help control some algae issues that I would like not to mention. I am wondering if anyone has been stuck with the venomous spines? If so, are you still alive and how bad was it? I haven't been stung yet but I am sure it is a matter of time. :mad: Thanks for any feedback.
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Welcome to TRT glad to have you.:) :wavey:


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Welcome to TRT.

Unfortunatly I don't know the answer to your question but I am curious myself. I think Rabbitfish are a great idea for controlling certain algae. Much less aggressive than a Tang.

Post some pics of your tank and new fish!
I don't know but please let us know if you find out.
Welcome to TRT!!!!


i have had a siganus magnificus for about 3 months now and have not been stung yet. from what i have read it is like a bee sting. i have also heard that hot water will denature the poison.

my rabbit could not car less about my hand in the tank. if i were to be stung it is because i was not paying attention and ran my hand into it. :eek:

If so, are you still alive and how bad was it?
:funny: :lol:

sorry couldn't help myself!!

welcome to trt!! :dance:

sorry i dont know the answer either.. want to be a guinnea pig for the rest of us? :D

hopefully someone will have an answer for you!
I've never tried to pet my Coral Rabbitfish ;)

I've never actually known anyone who was stung by one but have heard that it's somewhat more painful than a bee sting. Very hot water does seem to be the first aid treatment of choice.

However, if you have ever had a reaction to a bee sting or are prone to violent allergic reactions of any kind, you may want to consider keeping an anti-venom kit around. Better safe than sorry. Also, make sure your family and your family Dr. understand that you have a venomous animal in your tank so that if you ever do have a bad reaction, they'll know what action to take.
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