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deck and pond progression

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well, jsut thought i would share few picsof the deck and pond progression. mother nature let up quite a bit yesterday and we had sunshine and temps in the 80's for about 7 hours.

soooooooo.. who was i to miss the opportunity ot finish up. it's been driving me crazy not being able to finish the project.

caleld up mom and step dad to come over and help, and i think i'm pretty happy with the completion.

--we got landscape lighting laid in around the deck.
--got flowers and plants planted around the pool, along the back of the house, and in several pots around the deck.
--got tiki torches around the deck, with citronella oil.
--got the rest of the pond decorations in place. and added 6 feeders that have been living in a tank in asia's room since the oscar had quit feeding.
--and got all the furniture back on the deck and in place.
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another shot
and a closeup of the pond.

the triangle shaped box, houses an old canister style pool pump i had, that i'm using for at least temporary filtration on the pond. oh and i found an old small cd player/radio in the garage, and it fit perfectly inside the box as well :) so next is to cut a few holes in the front of the box and pick up some indoor/outdoor weather proof speakers to mount and wire into the radio for some ambient music on warm summer nights :)
reef pond reef pond !!!!:D
hahaha i guess i shouldn't have given mother nature so much credit. it's nice day here, but a bit windy.. as i was posting the deck pictures, i heard a loud crunch outside. here is the result!!

i was jsut standing in this spot 15 minutes ago
:D Great looking job Jay.
But as Casey said REEF POND, REEF POND!!!:dance:

So when's the Grand Opening love-your-reefin-buddies BBQ? :funny:

Nice job, Jay! :)
Looks like you will have many hours of enjoyment sitting by the "reef" I mean pond and enjoying music and having all the TRT'ers over for a big BBQ and cold ones!! Great job!:D
oh yeah cant wait for the grand opening bbq party!! all of trt will be invited :) and for those that cant make it, maybe we'll do a live webcam stream so you can join in on the fun via chat lol
What is it about reefers, any wet place they immediatly start scheming reef. 2 words TIDE POOL ;)
Lokks good Jay, I really like the hand pump, nice touch :D
thanks everyone. yeah doug, i picked up that hand pump at big lots for only 10 bucks !!

my little giant pond pump/fountain has a flow diverter on it, and i was going to run some 3/8 tubing up and through the pump and having it perpetually drain into the pond.

but the "outlet" on the hand pump had too many bends in it, and its cast iron, so i couldnt get a tube through it. then today when i was mounting it in place, i jsutgrabbed a couple of nails, and on the first whack, i missed, hit the pump, and plit the entire weld front and back from top to bottom, and the whole pump split in two :) so tommorrow i am goign to go ahead and lay the tube i nthere, and jsut silicone the pump back together :funny:
Jay your quite a problem solver!! I would have never thought of doing that to the pump!!;)
well you know :) sometimes you jsut gotta put the brains on the back burner and let the braun take over lol :funny:
then again most people dont break pumps :)
Rule #1 for the pond....

There shall be no rubbing of the fish unless specifically trained by Jay.;)

(sorry Jay, couldn't resist)

Jay, actually I was relieved to see that you were using the red pump to spill into the pond...I thought maybe you were going to use the little boy statue :D

actually i had joked about doing that. i went so far as to say i was gonna get a nightclub smoke machine and have smoke coming out the back and water out the front :)

but it was only in jest.. wouldnt want asia going to school "teacher, my dad built a pond, and it hasa boy statue peeing and farting!"
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