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Deadly bank robbery in Spartanburg Co.

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Oh nooo! This is terrible. Right near the GSP Airport, there was a bank robbery (very small branch bank, the size of a single wide) and the teller and 2 customers were shot and killed. As far as I know the robbers are still at large:eek:

Please pray for the family members of those folks killed.
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yes it is! Bank robberies are common, but deaths in the robberies are not :(

If you wanna read the article ...

but you have to sign up for a free online subscription to read the whole thing.
Bummer! I missed the show :(
Wow, Shirley! What's really bad about it is, I think that there was only one teller in the bank at the time. One teller and the two customers! Horrors! Those robbers are extremely dangerous have killed three people for a small amount of money!
1 - 4 of 13 Posts
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