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Deadly bank robbery in Spartanburg Co.

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Oh nooo! This is terrible. Right near the GSP Airport, there was a bank robbery (very small branch bank, the size of a single wide) and the teller and 2 customers were shot and killed. As far as I know the robbers are still at large:eek:

Please pray for the family members of those folks killed.
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I understand this will be featured on America's Most Wanted tonight (Sat. May 24)

~ Shirley
cath said:
Bummer! I missed the show :(
Cath, I was very disappointed. It lasted maybe 90 seconds. It was 1/2-way through the program, it BRIEFLY showed a pic of the couple and one of the teller. Then it was over before you knew it. It only said a construction crew gave a description of a red car.

Someone on the bird board I belong to lives in your area and knew the teller personally. Very very sad.

~ Shirley
Yes, that's what I heard. One teller - an older woman. And a married couple. They did show the bank for a few moments - smallest bank I've ever seen. Like you said, looked like a trailer.

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