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dead or alive!?

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i had a major mishap in our 29 gal tank. had to tear it down and put the corals in a small tank to keep from contaminating and killing them. everything is doing ok so far except the xenia. its open but not pulsing and i cant tell if its the power head doing the movement or the xenia. any opinions would be appreciated!
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I wouldn't worry about the xenia. They are finicky when it comes to pulsing. There are so many factors in the pulse of a xenia. If they are extended then they should be fine.
our 4 year old decided to feed the fish in the tank and used a whole quart of freeze dried brine. you can imagine the rest. im about to put everything back in and just noticed that the xenia is no longer even open. and neither the green star polyps. wish me luck!
At least he fed with Brine Shrimp. . . a remember once, a long time ago, when my sis and I decided to feed the tank the contents of a snooze can. . . needless to say, that never happened again.

Course the night with the Jermak shampoo is a whole 'nother story. . . :funny:
did anything live through that one?
its been 5 hours and the xenia is showing no signs of improvement. the mushroom is looking well though and the gsp is not yet open. :confused:
xenia did not make it and the gsp is not open yet and the shroom is still looking good and so is the sponge. were still hoping these make it!
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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