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Helping a freind sell his tank setup so he can pay the mortgage and keep the house.

Total Liquidation Sale. He was laid off in Nov and have been unable to keep up with the mounting bills. He are 3 months past due on the mortgage and may be foreclosed on soon. Help him keep my house.. buy his full tank Setup at this rock bottom price. Please hurry, time is running out for us.

150 tall gal Reef Ready Complete setup.
650+ live rock.
FX5 Canister Filter
2 1200 wavemaker
40 Gal Sump
Black max 1300 sump return pump
Several power heads
Unknown brand skimmer
Custom built stand and hood with built in cooling fans
Lighting built into the hood:
2 vho 48inch
2 175W 20k mh
1 400W 15k mh
Assortment of soft corals and fish

The tank itself is 5 months old and still under Warrantee. The tank was an upgrade from a previous 150G Tall non-reef ready.

Must Pick up, just outside Rehoboth DE 5 min from the Outlets just off Route 1.

Details and addition pics along with part out prices here:


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Is he parting out yet? I might be able to take some corals and maybe the 175 mh light.
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