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Caitlin Renee 6/29/07
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Most of the info is in my sig, but there is some that is not so i will post everything here.

1.Tropic Marin salt
2.RHS ATC salinity refractometer
3.(2) 150w Ebo Jager heaters
4.Reef Fanatic ATO controller
5.Reef Octopus NW200 skimmer
6.Coralife digital thermometer
7.(2) Tunze 6045s
8.Seio 820
9.Panworld 50px return pump
10. 2x250w Hellolights MH retro with XM 10k bulbs, ARO electronic ballasts
11. 2x54w T5 with IC SLR individual parabolic reflectors, Triad ballast
12. Purely H20 75gpd ro/di unit
13. Hanna handheld TDS meter
14. American Marine pH monitor
15. American Marine ORP monitor
16. Moon Computer w/ 2 moon tubes
17. Two little fishies phosban reactor
18. Coralife grounding probe
19. GFCI outlets
20. Randy Farleys 2 part dosing solution
21. Salifert test kits (this may change until salifert figures out whats going on with some of there bad kits)
22. 30g custom acrylic sump

Water parameters:

1.026 Salinity
Temp 80*
ammonia - not cycling yet
nitrate - not cycling yet
nitrite - not cycling yet
pH - 8.1
dKH - not cycling yet
ca - not cycling yet
mag - not cycling yet
strontium - not cycling yet
boron - not cycling yet
phospate - not cycling yet
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