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this is where i whine and complain about stuff that goes wrong hahahaha

some history
reefin for a year or so. lurked around here and else where like a ninja that i am. started with a 30. upped it to 75.
got lazy. tore it down in umm january ish. sold everything but the tank.
i got tired of looking at the empty tank so i decided to start over. this time [email protected]

currently as it stands...

running for 2 or so months
75 rr aga with poopy stand...
2 175 20k xm on lumenarcs a3 minis (one on icecap one magnetic... looks the same i guess... )
2 46.5" vho actinic on icecap 660
2 seio m2600 (doa had to send back for new ones...)
30 fuge (g3 was huge had to take out my awesome baffles now just a dinky sump with cheato floating around)
myreefcreations cr2 calcium reactor (just set it up today finally YAY)
asm g3 with recirc and gatevalve mod

some problems i ran into.

after my tank cycled i had all this nasty hair algae left.. and i was NOT going to pay $5 a snails at the lfs... so it grew and grew. so i moved all the hairy rocks to one side of the tank, made a little eggcrate thing and started adding frags... some people would frown upon this 2 months in but oh well my tank. so far nothing died yay. bought like 100 snails. theyve been going at it for a week now. imma give em another week before i start epoxying frags to my rocks.

the lumenarcs fit in my canopy and is like an inch away from touching the water ;D
until i decided to add the vho actinics ;( becuase at the time (a month ago) i was runnin 10k ushios that looked horribly yellow.
anyways i had to mod the canopy and raised it about 3 inches so i can retro the vhos in. looks ugly but did the trick.
might just sell the a3s and just use regular spider reflectors so i can take off these legs so my canopy can look ok again.
but i wanna be a cool guy with cool guy things... so i must suffer the ugliness ;) unless somebody wants to buy em...

i had like 4 sawed off maxi jets in my tank. killed numerous fish. bought some seios. worked for like 2 days and broke. sent em back.
so as i wait for my replacement seios in the mail.. the prefilterless maxijet 1200s returned to the tank again to claim 2 more lives this week.
a 1" true perc and a tiny hippo tang. in the past ive lost a mandarin, a naso tang, numerous shrimps and snails and the list goes on.
now i have 1 maxi and 1 like i forgot the name PH... it will have to do for now as i can not lose any more fish.

when i had my 30 i had used a remora pro hob skimmer which i made into an urchin and just sat in the sump. and i made cool baffles and the water flowed from the skimmer area to the refuguim area and then finally the return pump area. the refugium housed sand rubble rock and chaeto. when i started my tank back up 2 months ago. i knew that the remora isnt capable of skimming enough junk out so i set out to find a new skimmer. my dinky stand only had a clearance of 24 inches which only left a handful of low end skimmers to pick from. i bought the g3 and later modified the collection cup by cutting about 2 inches off so it could fit. skims great but if the water level in the sump fluctuates too much it could flood the cup thus getting like 2 weeks of nasty skimmate all back in your sump.... so i use a lifereef floatswitch. hasnt gotten stuck yet yay. gate valve mod on this skimmer makes tweaking the skimate a breeze.

today i set up my new calcium reactor. its a myreefcreation cr2 dual. im having trouble with my co2 regulator the second meter thing is like stuck and doesnt really move... but it doesnt really matter, bubbles still come out. we'll see how things gets in the following weeks with this thing hopefully it wont nuke my tank. lol

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fts 5/18/06

whats in the sump

my calcium reactor

my zoo garden
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