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I won a new tank! A few weeks ago I won a raffle for a brand new tank. It is a Solana 25 (the smaller 25g 18" cube) with a 150w Sunpod fixture. Unfortunately, or fortunately, it didn't come with a stand, which is why I'm only now getting it going. I decided on custom building an Elos themed stand with clean edges and no externally visible hardware. Regi's one qualification was that everything had to look clean, no wires, buckets, etc. hanging out everywhere.

The tank is going to be in our bedroom, at the perfect angle to be viewed while laying in bed. Being an insomniac, I am definitely looking forward to something nice and relaxing to hear and see as I drift off to sleep.

Our Bedroom Solana will be a mixed reef that will double as a small frag system. It may have a few SPS, but the focus will be on LPS and zoanthids. I hope to pick up a really nice magnetic frag rack that I saw recently at MAX to serve as a sort of floating island/frag station... but that will probably be a bit.

I'm still undecided on a stocking list. I have been thinking about transfering over our clown pair into this tank, but that may not happen. I've also been thinking about green chromis. Really what I am looking for is a fish that will spend a fair bit of time up in the open water portion of the system. I worry about having so much negative space in the cube... we will see.

Starting Hardware list:
Solana 25g Starfire
Sunpod 150w MH fixture
Current USA hanging arm kit
Icecap 150w DE 14k Calfo bulb
Nova extreme 18" 2x18w w/ 2x 460nm bulbs
Tunze 9002 Nano Doc skimmer w/ nano bracket kit
JBJ 350gph powerhead
cheap old glass heater

Still to come:
Midwater Systems? magnetic frag station
Ultralife float switch for ATO
Azoo dual cooling fans

pics of the stand build to follow shortly

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Building the stand

Building the stand took quite a while. It definitely stretched my patience having to wait.

First, checking the dimensions on the frame which was made from 2x4's:

then, skinning the frame. I used a 3/4" sheet of finishing ply to make the frame more secure. I was worried about how well the L brackets would hold, but it seems very sturdy. No screws, nails, etc are visible from the outside. Everything was attached from the inside:

Here is the unfinished skinned stand getting a size check. Originally I was going to use euro hinges on the door, but that didn't work. More on that later:

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