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damsel fish

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Hey guys
I have heard of certain damsel fish being peaceful, is this true? I would like to keep a damsel because of their color, but im afraid of them killing my clowns. Thanks

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I would expect that from a Fiji Blue Devil, They are a pretty mean fish.

I disagree with most of what is posted. A 75 gallon with a fair amount of live rock can hold 3 assorted clowns with out much trouble normally. As normal their are exceptions. The problems usually arise when you put 2 of the same type of clowns in that mix. Yours are all three different clowns.

As for Damsels. If your tank has a fair amount of LR you can add 2 Yellow Tail Blue damsels or One Allen's Damsel to you tank. That will give you the blue color most get damsels for and since your clowns were there first, there will in most cases not get injuried by the new Damsel(s).

1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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