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damsel fish

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Hey guys
I have heard of certain damsel fish being peaceful, is this true? I would like to keep a damsel because of their color, but im afraid of them killing my clowns. Thanks

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Just to give you a idea of what kind of damage a damsel can do here’s a pic of my yellow tang that was tormented by a Fiji blue devil damsel. I was never able to catch the ***** until I re-worked my tank (switch from crushed coral to Southdown) I took him & two other damsels back to the LFS that told me to use them to cycle my tank :mad: The LFS forgot to tell me that they were aggressive & I would not be able to catch them after the tank cycled :angry:
BTW the yellow tang is doing fine & even starting to grow some of the fin back :dance:
1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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