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Cyano in the sump...

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And a bit in my main tank. It began about 3 weeks ago and has slowly progressed. :( I had 2 jawfish die a little over a month ago and that's when I began to notice the build up. Since the jawfish died in their holes I could not get them out. The cyano began to build around their hole and then disapeared for about a week. Now it's back. It's in my sump in the Caulerpa, and in some of the substrate in the main tank(I have about a 4" DSB). Also I have noticed a build up of bubbles comming from the inlet into the main system. I really don't understand what is going on. Water tests indicate that all levels are at zero. PH around 8.3. I am doing weekly water changes. I haven't had a problem like this on this before. Does anyone have any advice on this. The LFS reccomended I use a Red Sea slime remover but I'm leery of putting that into my tank. I thought I would consult this board first. Any info would be great.
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I had some but after I removed all of my mechanical filtration (sponges) it went away. You can also add some sand sifters to help out.
Hows your sand bed infauna, any bristleworms, hermits, copepods, thing that would expidite polishing off the corpses?
High nutrients, locked in algae cells , hence low readings. but with excess algae its there
Yeah...I have a ton of hermits(maybe to many for my tank). I don't know how many bristleworms there are in my main tank, I know that there are some of those thin spaghetti like worms. As far as sifters, I have a cucumber and that's it. I have a sixline wrasse, that eats many of the infauna, although, I would say the overall population is decent. What about the Caulerpa in the sump? Should I move some hermits to the sump?
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