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Hello all-

I had fully intended to set up my 10gal mini reef when i moved ito my new apartment, but there are power problems here, and the power goes out at least 2-3 times a month, sometimes for hours on end. so, i just cant risk it-

For sale:

1 Custom Made Hardwood 10gallon Stand and Light Canopy
1 10 gal tank with the back painted deep sea blue
1 96w 10000k CSL power compact bulb , with ballast
Wiring, and Antec PC fan included. I custom wired the fan into the canopy so nothing shows. VERY quiet, and keeps the bulbs cool.
The canopy and stand really are beautiful and would make a great little set up. Its a shame i have to sell it, but oh well-
my loss your gain. I would REALLY prefer pickup, but i will be willing to enterain shipping options if the buyer isnt close enough.
Price is Best offer-

All interested persons , please contact me at [email protected]

Here are the pics-

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