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We're about 4 1/2 weeks into the set-up of a new tank. We purchased uncured fancy fiji rock at that time. Our local pet store told us there was a product that could be added to speed up the purpling of the rock. Is it safe? any thoughts?
everyone keeps telling us to just "be patient" and all the crappy looking bits of what we think are brown algae( some parts look gelatonous) will eventually clear up when the rock finally cures
Thanks Nic

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coralline is a curious critter. the best thing to do to speed up its spread is to learn your system and stop messing with it. the different species of coralline have specific environmental requirements. some like more light, others like more flow. any time you change anything in the tank you change the environment in these small areas and causes the coralline to die off and start all over again.

the actual chemicals needed for coralline to grew are so little that it is able to grow pretty readily in just about any salt water system as long as nutrients are kept under control. which brings me to another point. phosphates are a big problem with getting coralline to grow. phosphates keeps the algae from being able to deposit calcium carbonate to forms itself. it is very important to make sure you are getting all detritus out of the system on a weekly basis if you want coralline to grow.

save the money and do not get any coralline growth chemicals. they are not needed. you learning the system will do a lot more to getting coralline growing than adding Ca, alk, Mg.

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