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Recently, I was looking around in The Reef Tank's forums, when I came across a thread by a user who mentioned her Blenny vs. Leather Coral situation. The girl had just received her first leather coral and took it home to put in the tank. The coral's polyps immediately extended themselves. That is, until her lawnmower blenny found the coral and began bumping into him repeatedly, causing the coral to go into hiding mode where the polyps would be sucked in. Eventually they would come out again, only to go right back inside when the coral was bumped again.

The user didn't think the blenny was bumping into the coral on purpose, but it was a strange and interesting situation. Even though the blenny didn't seem to be harming the coral, she asked other users suggestions on what to do.

One user told her to try to figure out what the blenny is attracted to in that part of the tank and move it, but what it probably was was that the blenny wasn't used to the new ihabitant.

Which is exactly what happened! The blenny has since bumped into the coral and the polyps have stayed out.

The moral of this story is not "Don't jump to the conclusions." More like, "Pay attention. Keep an eye out. Know what you're getting yourself into."

As my debate on fish or corals or both comes to a close, I must figure out which fish and corals are ok together, which fish are easiest to maintain, which corals are worth it to buy. Perhaps the Reef Tank user's story was not a big problem, but it helped me put things in perspective. Things will happen and you have to be prepared, but don't be afraid to ask the more knowledgeable for help. And I hope that help is exactly what this blog will eventually provide.

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