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Not the one with 8 Aquadyne Octopus 3000 Controller.:bawling:
The thing went berzerk and started switching displays and doing things at random. At first I suspected that it needed to be reflashed with new firmware. So I decided to remove it from the wall where it was attached with two screws onto a 2x 4. When I removed the unit, I noticed that the back panel was all wet along with the 2x4 that it was mounted on. I did not recall anytime that water even came close to the unit and suspected condensation since the room is pretty cool...but only 76 degrees. I must have gotten water on it somehow and forgot ???:confused:

Anyway, I removed the back panel and exposed the circuit board. I then soaked the electronics in 100% isopropyl alcohol. The alcohol excellerates evaporation of any water on or around the electronics. Then I dried the unit with paper towels. Lastly, I blew out the unit with a hair dryer on "cool" and then finally in "warm" mode. I plugged it in and voila....fixed.

I have also successfully used this technique to dry out a digital camera that flooded on a scuba dive trip when the water proof case flooded due to a bad Oring. If u ever get saltwater in any elecronic device, turn it off immediately to lessen the probability of the unit shorting out, disassemble it down to the circuit board, and soak everything in 100% alchohol. Then dry it out thouroughly with towels, a hair dryer, or even a small air compressor....IT REALLY works and can save you $$ (In severe salwater flooding, you can even rinse it in freshwater first and then dry it and then soak it in alcohol...always remember to dry out the device completely b4 applying input power to the unit)
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