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How is your weekend going? I'm stuck working all night :(
Anyway, two things a tip and I also would like some input.

The CPR has an air intake line for the hole bubble effect, after
having one of my arms grow bigger than the other (from trying
to control flow on make up water) dont get any ideas. LOL.
I decided to connect an extention hose and have the air intake
suck the water from my one gal bottle into the skimmer,
immediately mixing w salt H2O coming into unit from rio pump.

It takes aprox 20 minutes for the gal to be dosed, temp does not
change one bit and I also ckd salinity in output chamber on BKP
and salinity doesnt drop drastically at all. I guess at 3 gal per hr
there shouldnt be a problem.

It works great just prop the bottle at the same height of the
pump (otherwise water wont come up) and forget about it. If
the airline you are using floats and keeps getting air instead of
H2O, connect a long piece of 1/8 hard tubing to the end of your
hose, this will suck every last drop.

Let me know if you see any potential problems that could arise from doing this, when adding any calcium to my tank I just add into the 1 gal bottle also.

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Hiya CunReef,
Welcome to TRT! :beer:
That's an interesting retrofit you did there...
So you plumbed your top off into the venturi on your bak-pak? I take it that once the water is drained the air bubbles start back up and the skimmer performs normally again?
The only potential problem I could possibly see is that you may be dosing calcium too quickly when you add it to the bottle, since it should be dosed a little throughout the day rather than all at once (though I'm not sure if this is just convention or a rule).
Otherwise, neat idea... though it would be cool if there was some way to make it automated so that it only drew water when it was needed (but I really have no clue how you'd do that).

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Thanks, yeah it works really nice, once the
water is gone the skimmer starts to shoot
bubbles. I guess it could be done where you
plum an H2O deposit and every time you need
a top off you just have to fill up your deposit and
let the skimmer work it out. This way you might be able
to reduce the noise when the air is being drawn.

I use a 1 gal bottle as deposit and the bottle
its put away once the water is gone.

I'll follow your advise on the calcium and will
dose slower.


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