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Couldn't do it Saturday

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I tried, but just couldn't do it......wide awake by 5:30a.

Of course coffee is going, fresh, and bordering on 'THAT'S ENOUGH'!
Off, unless of course the boss finds some reason to declare and 'emergency' and calls me in like last Saturday.

A rainy.....ISH day, but the yard has my attention with next week being Memorial Day, and we're no where near ready for riders.

Thinking breakfast 'out there somewhere' will be the best way to get my Family up, early'ish.

Peace and giggles,
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Good morning Hack and everyone,
It’s going to be a hot hot day here today, and I think Jacob and I are gonna work on the fence today. We are going to have to ship their fence just a little bit over to widen the gate to 10 foot wide. It’s 8 foot wide now in the new boat won’t fit in. So we got to get three more maybe four new post and fence slats. We could do it without shipping. The fence over within 1/2 of the gate would be slanted a little bit. Just look better if we move the fence.
We were going to take the tractor out today, but instead will work on the fence. Jacob and Gabi are going to do some salt water fishing tomorrow. Off the shore, the grand isle Louisiana.
Have a nice day.
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Morning all. Rainy here today and I am left to my own devices. It is past breakfast but I am about to wrangle up a massive fried egg sammich.

A nap is scheduled for later and the dogs have approved of such.
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Good Morning gang, I actually slept in till 8 am, cant remember the last time that happened. Gonna be 90 with T storms later, hope we dont get nasty lightning strikes.
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Yesterday and today(so far), have got to be the SLOWEST 2 DAYS in the history of our little secrete handshake society.....Ooooooops, I leaked the secrete about our 'secrete'. :eek: :sneaky::ROFLMAO:
Is Everyone on vacation?
Let's see....
Rick 'rock'
Cath.....WAIT, there's no Cath!
Perry's chair is empty, as well as Jeff's?
:unsure: This could be serious!

Rain, rain, rain ALL DAY! Scuttled my PLANS for yard work. Cause of all the rain the hardware stores were SLAMMED, so I bowed out.
THAT did take me past the deli though, so there's cold cuts out the kazoo.....ham, Genoa, Cooper sharp/American/Swiss, with lettuce n tomatoes, and some nice fresh long rolls.

Shaping up to be a movie night round here.....WERE looking to go see the new Guardians of the Galaxy movie, but the RAIN....ehhhhh, not so much. There's GO NO WHERE options here.....The Pope's Exorcist, and Sisu. HOLD THE PRESSES.....Sisu being cued up as I chomp.

Most good thoughts to All,
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I am surprised that with not summer weather there is not more replies from "Over There" but if weather is friendly Jeff is probably mowing the back 40 and doing the herd of dog things, Perry is trying to rebuild the car again and taking the beagle out for first ride. Rick and the dogs are still napping. Weather is pleasant hi 80s, dogs miss there ride but no AC in van and it is not pleasant drive. Finished up shopping for forgotten things, Daughter is filling pool, terminally optimistic,
Anyone around for chat later on?
Good evening.
Haven’t got much done as far as gate. Got all the supplies and new post in. Super hot day here. May go and mow front yard now since it’s cooling down.
Kristine and I watched a move about Michael Jordan and Nike. Pretty decent movie.
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Yes it’s very slow here the last few days.
Hack - here I be. The reason why you didn’t see me post today is because I forgot to hit “post reply.”🫢🙄😂

Good mawnin’, Hack, Philly, and all of TRT!

Thanks for the coffee, Hack! it being a Saturday, I will put out some extra food. Besides cereal choices, let’s have homemade egg, McMuffins, cinnamon raisin toast, with PB on the side, nanners, and strawberries Rick, our strawberry season is almost over. I will be a great. Time before we get freestone peaches. I don’t mess with the cling, they’re too much work.

Hack, sure hope you don’t get called into work today. I’d be great for you to be able to make headway on getting your yard ready for Memorial Day Fun. Does Nate help you with that?

Vinnie, it sounds like you got yourself busy today. Did you make some headway for repairs with the store where you bought your new boat?

Jeff and Perry, do we need to send out the TRT rescue squad on you guys? We need to hear about your goings on. Especially photos from Jeff!

Yesterday I did too many things in the day. Somewhere fun and somewhere on the serious side. I went to PT yesterday for a treatment for my left hip joint.
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Yes it’s very slow here the last few days.
Very true on the slow status of our usual Mayham. Part of that’s my fault I’ve been unusually busy with stuff. I’ve overloaded myself this week.

Doug - Sorry I can’t do a chat session tonight.
No worries
Evening all,

Stand down the TRT S&R team ,,, I’m here and all is good.

Been busy I guess , partly outdoor efforts which involves getting the lowering team woke up and ready for action ,,, then using them to lower the green here .
Got the back field it’s first of the season lowering , was a bit late doing so , so it took more than one pass thru the 3-4 acres.
Decided the string trimmer I’ve had for 7-8 yrs easy, needed to retire. While it performed flawlessly ( I was getting 1-2 seasons lifespan out of prev trimmer until I got this one) , the engine was getting tired and did not want to run smoothly at a set throttle( the vibration was getting old and not wanting to up/down the engine speed to bypass the “vibes”. Shelled out $400 for a Stihl trimmer , not entry level but not top shelf “pro”,, mebbe 3/4 up the brand line . Now, all 2cycle machines here are Stihl,,, you’d think the Deere stealership would given me a Stihl hat 🤷🏻‍♂️🙄😂.

Put in a day at Mom’s,,, while we have a lawn care service doing a weekly mow/trim/edge,,, still some areas I needed to tend to.

Other than that , same ol -same ol around here.

On to the evening ,

Hope everyone had a great day 👍🏼
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Jeff!! It’s great to hear from you. That’s pretty much what Doug said above what you were probably working on lately. But we needed to hear from you, in your own Jeff style. You got a lot of acreage that takes some time, particularly if your trimmer was on its last puttering. Yep, I agree with you. The John Deere place should’ve given you a Stihl hat.

How are all your critters doing? And what time do your puppies wake you up in the morning? We need reviews of all of this.

By the way did you watch the Westminster competition? What do you think of the dog that won?

That’s it for now, Jeff. Don’t stay away for so long. It may have been two or three days but we needed some new posts from you.
Evening all, Jeff glad to hear that you are keeping up with the "Hay Baling", , Belly full and getting droopy, work tomorrow so I am gonna go kick it on Netflix or hulu till I fall out
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