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Corals and green hair algae

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I have a 30 gallon reef tank with a mushroom coral and a candy cane coral and a long tentacle green anemone. My salinity is 1.023 and my ammonia, nitrite and nitrate levels read perfectly at my water test (my nitrates read 0 on small test kit). My mushroom corals are doing lovely, I think. At any rate they are large and moving to new pieces of live rock and looking very beautiful to my untrained eye. However I have horrid, awful, green hair algae. I take the live rock out and scrub it, but my corals are moving on to other rocks, so I can't take every piece out. It turns brown and goes away for a few days after a cleaning, but always comes back. Any suggestions? A fish to eat it that won't eat my corals or a chemical addition?
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Hi, try a sea hare-I like them and it took care of mine within a few days. You will then need to supplement food or return to a lfs.
even a half dozen good sized turbo snails should do it. That is how I dealt with a similar problem in my 29 gallon years ago, and no problem since. You will likely have to give away half of the snails later, or they will starve.
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