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ok price seprate so ill sell them all seprate just email or call me ive got to travel to atlanta tomarrow to cap bay aquariums if intrested in any of these call or emial me [email protected] 423 838 4189 the list below

1 green procilapora inbetween base ball/golf ball size colony $35
2pink stylophora a little bigger than golf ball colony $50
3 thin tan branched with a blue tip acro3 inchs tall two branchs $15
4 rose monti digatita 4 inchs tall multi branched $15
5 purple monster tan/green just starting to turn purple 1 inch to 1/2 inch well incrusted $150
6pink tip table acro 1and 1/2 half inch multi branch $20
7 purple tip nana 3 inchs long $15
8 tan acro with neon green/blue polyps 3 inchs long multi branch $20
9soly 3x5 inch peice tan fixing to turn purple 50.00

10blue/purple hairy millipora big colony nice colony $70 someone could make some big money off frags of this
11green witha purple rim cap large colony around 6x6 inch peices have two white spot fomr acro colony falling on it ill $40
12 purple with white polyps acro small colony $30
13elk horn multi branch frag $15
14 a neon green bright neon green acro frag better color than a slimmer 1inch $20
15purple cap 1x 1/2 $15
16 green hairy millipora 3 inchs tall $20
17 white albino 1 inch frag $15
18 red and green blastomusa around 10 to 20 polyps $40
19 green table acro small colony $35.00
20a crazy blue acro nice small but nice i think its a mike paletta blue $25
21 purple tip brown/green colony very very large colony $65
22 another large purple tip acro colony $50
23 efflo purple rim 3x2 peices nice $75.00
24green slimmer 4 inchs tall multi branch $30
25 neon pink acro of some sort with lime green buds 1 unch tall $25
26 orange/pink with yellow tip milli 1 inch tall $20
27 oregon tort 1 inch tall $35
28 orange monti digadtia 2 inch long $20
29 tricolor acro multi branch 2 to 3 inchs tall $25
30 a very very nice purple rim cap 5x3 peice has the brightest rim ive ever seen $50.00
31 a orange plate coral very very large peicearound 8 inchs x6 very very large peice $65
32 a very very nice color lime green with baby blue tip acro 2 inchs tall $25
33 green with white polyp monti cap 1 x 2 $20
34 4 to 5 inch crocea clam very large and very nice $55

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ok everyone steve our president brought something up to me i forgot all about awhile back i was at the chattanooga frag swap well i bought coral from a bunch of people well one of th people had red bugs so a bunch of us my or my not have gotton red bugs from him some people said they didnt and one maybe two people said they did but he sold corals to a bunch of people ive not seen and signs of red bugs plus my corals have colored great and all feeding and growing very very well ive not sen any signs of them plus not seen them under mag glass but that doesnt mean anything so if anyone buys corals from me i would like for the to be out and up front so youl know befor buying or thinking about buy i just wonted to clear this up corals are as if there is red bugs and you buy corals form me im sorry and if not great im glad you like them

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Wow you need someone with lots of room to buy that all at once good luck

842 Posts have a lot of nice stuff! If you are upgrading why not just save all your corals for the new system? You will have to start all from scratch again?
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