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Coral polyp extension

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My corals used to extend their corals fully during the day. Now only some extend their corals slightly during the day. All the coral have as far as I can tell full extension at night. I know corals primary feeding time is at night. Does this mean that they are getting all they need then or could it be something else? Also all corals seem to be healthy and growing even thought his has been going on for about a month now. All tank parameters are good. Any thoughts?
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I dont think polup extention is really a good way of seeing the general health or not. The polup is used for reproduction, light gather, offence, defence, prey capture and so on. So its a tough call to know way its extended or not. Sounds like they have just found thier routine for feeding and light capture.

Thanks Mike. I wasn't sure what to think. Especially since they were still growing. Has anybody else had this happen to their sps?
I have many times. Alot has to do when the food is out and about. Or when they get enough light and dont need to open more zoo to the light.

Good to know that someone else has had the same thing happen. It still bums me out though. The corals really aren't the same without the colorful polyps. As long as the corals are healthy I guess I'm happy.
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