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coral on broken rock

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I had a few easy corals delivered from an online aquaria seller. One, a pretty good looking, dense, Button Polyp, came on rock that was broken. I nested it pretty comfortably on some live rock, so that the coral itself doesn't look like it's being pulled apart by the broken rock. It's sort of like the rock that it grew on is being held together by the coral.

What do you think?

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Snip the base, and you have two. That's prolly what I would do, but I frag a lot. It's up to you - that's a tough coral, so it would be fine.

My 2c,
Yeah you can separate the rock and have two frags instead of one large piece! Should not bother the coral at all and will recover just nicely!:)
how best to snip...use scissors in the tank?...put the coral into a pail with water for the minute it takes to snip, then put both pieces back in tank??
You can take the polyps with the broken rock right out of the water and do what you have to do and then put the two pieces back into the tank. Polyps are really tough and it won't hurt them to be out of the water for a few minutes. I left one on my tank glass over night and then five hours under a MH light and over half recovered. Hard to believe but true!:)
get a razor blade, and cut it... it'll only take a second or two.. If they are polyps, they will do fine if you take them out of the water to do it... Just don't leave them on the top of the tank under the Metal Halides for a few hours before you put them back int he tank like someone we know did.... ;)
:funny: Buzz! We were both posting at the same time! That someone will remain anonymous!;)
Them guys are tuff I took one outta the water snipped it and went to the bathroom and came back and put it in the water:D
I hope you washed your hands before you went to the bathroom...
Buzz_Hog said:
I hope you washed your hands before you went to the bathroom...
thanks...will do.

great advice and great teamwork!
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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