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Coral-Eating Nudibranch

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I would have taken a pic but i didn't have the camera and it was escaping the container had it in, so i euthanized it and threw it away.

But it was one of those frilly sea slugs with the lacy edges (not like a lettuce) that are often white, well this one was feeding off my Speckled Leather for who knows how long. I'm not sure where he came from but i bet he was small when it came in!
I noticed the other day that my leather was slowly removing itself from one of the two rocks it was attached to, but i didn't see anything that i thought was a warning sign (fungus, ragged edges, crumpled flesh or receeding polyps) so i thought maybe it decided it didn't like that rock afterall...

Well i had to do some rearranging last night and when i moved the leather i saw this big flourescent orange 'thing' i took a plastic spoon and scraped it off the rock and it looked familiar from pics i have seen.

It was about 2.5 inches long and beautiful, but my leathers are MORE beautiful. I was going to keep it long enough to photograph but it was oozing out of the trap i had it in and i didn't want to chance losing it in my tank again, so i plunked it in a dixie cup of salt water and put it in the freezer. I'm told its a more humane way to "off" something aquatic.

It had eaten a HUGE chunk out of my leather- its about the size of my hand streched out- if you take your hand, strech it out and imagine that your whole thumb and the heel of your hand is gone you know how much of my leather that slug ate :mad:
funny thing is that the leather never looked distressed. It was being eaten from the underside but was always fully expanded...weird.

Do i need to do anything to it to make sure it heals and dosen't get some sort of infection?
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i shouldn't worry about it getting a fungus?
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