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Coral Beauty Angel

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I have had my Coral Beauty now for a week and a half. I got it at CBC in Chatanooga, and it is still as fat as it was there. It tends to hide alot, but will come out and roam the tank if you sit very still. It is not eating like the other fish, but I heard that they eat a lot of sponges, and my tank happens to be full of little ones. I have seen it attacking the rock several times.
I am also putting nori on a clip, and it is almost completely gone by in the morning. I know it could be my tang, but it is a larger amount than he would eat alone.
Anyway it is a gorgeous fish(about 4"), deep blue and orange, and I was hoping to get some advice and thoughts as far as care and hoe to help it thrive. Everything I have read seems to agree that every fish is different when it comes to this angel.
It came out of a reefer's tank named Randall, had it for a year. If you are out there please holler at me!

Thanks for any help,
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I had a CB in my old FOwLR. She ate just about anything and loved nori. Give yours some time. If she's not being chased she'll be out cruising around and picking at the rockwork in no time. The only thing mine didn't like was the cleaner shrimp. ;)
Try some PE Mysis. I think I mentioned this in the thread in ARC when you got the fish. If it's grazing, it's eating so don't worry too much. If it was in somebody else's tank for that long, it's probably well acclimated, and just a "secret eater".

I'm sure it will be fine.

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