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hello everyone,

i used to have a fowlr, well i had a big out break of ich and i used copper to get rid of it. now i changed the water, cleaned the hell out of all the parts (ps,pump,new sump, etc...) the live rock i left out of water for about a week, i got angry at my tank. but i changed the sand only thing i have from the old tank is the dead rock. will this ruin any chances of me setting up a reef???
also when you buy lr from a classified ad is it posible to know if copper has ever been used?

can i use one of the pads that are meant to absorb heavy metals, and will it help with any copper?

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a couple days ago a customer (fellow reefer) came in to show me the new thermo electric chiller he got off ebay. it looked great. except the exchanger was made of copper. AHHHGGG. Glad I pointed that out before he hooked it up.
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