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hello everyone,

i used to have a fowlr, well i had a big out break of ich and i used copper to get rid of it. now i changed the water, cleaned the hell out of all the parts (ps,pump,new sump, etc...) the live rock i left out of water for about a week, i got angry at my tank. but i changed the sand only thing i have from the old tank is the dead rock. will this ruin any chances of me setting up a reef???
also when you buy lr from a classified ad is it posible to know if copper has ever been used?

can i use one of the pads that are meant to absorb heavy metals, and will it help with any copper?

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When you buy lr from the classifieds take your copper test kit with you and just test the water that it is in. Hopefully if the rock has previously been exposed to water it will show in your test.
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